Prayer Letter – April 2020

We’re sure this has been as crazy a month for you as it has for us.

We’ve celebrated three years of marriage with takeout and a blanket fort. We’ve gotten to explore our neighborhood a bit more on our we’ve-got-to-get-out-of-the-house walks. By God’s grace, we are both still working and healthy, and we are praising God for video call platforms like Zoom and Skype that are enabling us to continue working and preparing for the field.

Most excitingly, we have had the opportunity to start on a video project for the missionaries of our region. It will be a short video introducing the state of Europe, the need for missionaries, and how our teams are engaged there. We look forward to sharing it with you. We are thrilled to be able to jump into our work even while we’re still here in the States. 

Our video project meeting with Dennis McMains (our International Leader – left) and Bob Marsh (Impact Team Leader – right).
Don’t worry, we’re all just debating what language we should use for a certain part of the script.

We have been blessed to hear about the many ways God has been moving in families and communities as we all face these uncertain times. We read an incredible story from one of our missionaries in the Middle East. We summarized it here.

We praise God for blessing us with unique ways to reach people and for using a worldwide event to make the Church bolder and people more receptive.

Prayer Requests

For the success of our video project – that God will direct us in its creation and that it will be used to inspire more people to engage in missions in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Praise God with us that I (Peter) am able to serve our church community by filming sermons and midweek messages. Pray that God will continue to give me the health and energy to do this work.

For our continued preparation and partnership development as we continue to head toward the mission field, trusting that God has prepared the way and the time for us to go. 

For church leaders around the world who are committed to teaching and encouraging the believers in their community. For the many people who will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel online, and for the Church to be prepared to respond to them.

For those who are not only physically vulnerable but spiritually and emotionally vulnerable while they are cut off from their community. May God give them peace and comfort, and provide them with creative ways to continue to find encouragement.

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