Prayer Letter – June 2020

Location scouting for the interview shoot.

Set up is complete. Checking the lighting.

We are nearly finished with a whiteboard video for Converge Europe/Mediterranean region, and we were able to film an interview of ourselves for a brief video about how God has led us to this ministry. It’s safe to say God has definitely called us to be behind the camera rather than in front of it, but it was fun to have the chance to tell a bit of our story in that way. The pictures above are part of the set up process for the interview. We’re excited to share that video when it is finished.

At work in this past month, we have both been preparing for the loosening of restrictions while simultaneously looking at how we can transition out of our jobs. We both feel the need to invest more time in our preparation and partner development than we are currently able. As we are more able to meet with people now, we are navigating how to balance our time. Even while there is uncertainty and unrest throughout our country and world, we are trusting that God is making the way for us to reach full support and move to Poland. 

Next week we will visit family in New York, and we’ll have some much needed time of rest and recuperation after the last few months of stress. 

Peter doing one last sound check before we start the interview.

Reflection from Peter

Made Perfect in Our Weakness

As we’ve been sharing our ministry with people, many have reacted by saying, “I can’t imagine moving to another country,” or “I could never do full time missions”, or “I couldn’t live on support.”

Before missions was on my radar, I would have said those same things about myself. It was only after God had directed my heart toward supporting missionaries through storytelling that He began to tear down those assumptions.

Every part of this process has presented unique challenges that at times have seemed like too much of a stretch, but God uses those situations to remind me that it’s only by his strength that we will be able to move overseas, let alone have an impactful ministry once we’re there. In those moments, I am often reminded of Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians: 

“But [God] said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

Once we were convinced of God’s call, it was never a question of what we could or couldn’t do because God has so clearly been at work in our lives, and we know he will provide what we need to follow his call. He can do it. He has prepared us, guided us, and equipped us for this, and He will sustain us through our remaining preparation and into the future of our ministry.

This month, I ask that you pray with us for each person and church we meet with. We are praying that God uses our story to challenge people to reflect on what He is shaping and equipping them for. This is our prayer in these meetings, and this is our prayer for each of our videos. 

Prayer Requests

For our two video projects in the works – that each will be used to encourage people to consider how God has equipped them to engage in the Great Commission.

For the continued progress in raising support, sharing our ministry with churches, and for the continued reopening of Polish borders.  

That God provides a person to take over Peter’s position at church, and for the smooth transition.

For our vacation – that work runs smoothly without us, and that we have a week of rest with family.

That followers of Christ are known for our response to pain and injustice. That we seek healing along racial divides. That the Church be a place where we are united in one cause: to build God’s kingdom and reconcile many to Him.

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