Prayer Letter – September 2020

We had to opportunity to capture the baptisms at our last outdoor service.
I (Heather) learned it’s very hard to stay focused on the camera and cry at the same time.

What an incredible month it’s been! We have had the privilege to attend birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, and baptisms. This has been a month of God’s continued blessing through time with the people we love here. If there is a theme of this month, it is that God is caring for us through our community (in person and virtually). There have been many times this month when we have left someone’s home or our local coffee shop after sharing our ministry and felt like we had just experienced truly sacred space. It’s such a honor to be a part of conversations about how God has moved in people’s lives, how He challenges us all to take steps of faith to serve him, and how He continues to mold us and use us.

What is a way you have experienced God through community lately?

Ministry Highlight: Estonia – Future Generation Foundation

Beth Ann Erickson grew up in Saint Charles as is one of Chapelstreet Church’s global staff. She is a Converge global worker in Estonia, and we’ve been waiting for the best time to share her ministry with you! Though we have yet to meet Beth Ann, we already love her because of the things we hear of her through our many mutual connections. Among the many things Beth Ann is doing, the Future Generation Foundation is what we want to highlight today. 

Estonia is one of the most atheistic nations in the world, but it is Beth Ann’s vision to reach 2000 youth in the next 5 years. 

From Beth Ann:
Many youth in Estonia are willing to spend time with believers, ask questions about beliefs, consider and ponder possibilities of a creator and savior, however they may be hesitant to set foot in a traditional church building and may be turned off to anything that is connected to their definition of “religion.” This project will provide the opportunity to purchase a location, outside of a traditional church building, where youth can gather, grow, and go. The location will serve as the foundation for the next generation of churches in Estonia. Currently, other than schools and churches, there is a lack of physical place were youth can gather (for free), especially during the winter months.

Be on the lookout for more information and for some stories about this ministry in the coming months. 

Prayer Requests

  • For continued connections with people and churches that result in lasting partnerships.
  • For generous giving to the ministry in Estonia, and for the launching of this youth center. 
  • For healthy patterns of work and rest, so that we are able to participate in all that God has for us during this season.
  • From 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17, that we “rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances”

Thank you for continuing to pray with us. 

Peter and Heather

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