Status Update

September 8, 2020

When will we move?

Like you, we do not know what this coming year is going to look like. There are three key factors that impact our moving date:

1. Travel restrictions: We are waiting on the Polish government to allow Americans back in. Just a few days ago, our team leader, Steve Valentine, and his family booked their tickets to get back to Poland. Please pray with us that their documentation is accepted and that this opens the door for the other members of our team that are waiting to get back to Poland.

2. Funds: We need to raise our full monthly partnership, our start-up expenses, and our equipment fund. Read more about our financial support below.

3. Training: We have a month-long training on crossing cultures that we are excited to attend. Of course, these trainings have been impacted by Covid, so the upcoming trainings are attempting to take in more people than normal to make up for some lost time. We are currently on the waitlist for the January training.

What does all this mean? We don’t know, but we are praying to be trained, funded, and ready to go in February. Please pray with us for this.

Where are we in our financial support?

Monthly: Through your prayers and support, we currently have 46% of our monthly budget committed. 

Start-up: We have nearly reached our full start up fund. This means we will soon have the funds to complete our training, move to Poland, and get set up on our new home. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving.

Equipment: Choosing to focus first on our start-up expenses, we have not been raising for our equipment until now. Once our start up budget is met, any monthly or one-time gifts will be directed toward our equipment expenses.

How can you continue to support us during this season?

Keep doing what you’re doing: tell, pray, and give.

Tell: Share this ministry with people you know! This is so key for us at this time in our ministry. Even if no partnership comes of the conversation, it is our hope that our ministry sparks more conversations about missions and causes people to consider their role in missions. Please talk with people about this ministry, show them a video or an article, or give them the link to this website. You are also welcome to share our contact information with your friends. 

Pray: Please continue to pray for us in this time. Pray for our spiritual, emotional, and physical health, for our continued progress toward the field, and for guidance as we navigate partner development.

Give: If you have been able to give financially, please continue to do so faithfully. If you have been considering it and are trying to figure out the best time, we understand these are crazy times. Letting us know if you plan to give monthly and the amount you plan to give, even if you can’t start yet, will help us in our planning. 

We’ll keep you updated as things change and as we prepare together for the launching of this ministry.

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