Prayer Letter – January 2021

We pray you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and joyful New Year, even if they looked a bit different. We were able to serve at our church on Christmas Eve, and spend a quiet Christmas day at home before heading out on our multi-month road trip to spend our last Christmas and New Year’s day with family before we move. Praise God we made it through those travels with our car in one piece and negative Covid tests!

We’re keeping this month’s letter brief because we are currently at the Center for Intercultural Training site in North Carolina, settling into our apartment and getting some homework done before going to spend some in-person time with our teammates, Andrew and Miranda. We are very excited for this training and the relationships we will be able to develop over the next month, and we’re looking forward to telling you all about this experience.

We have reached our goal of 50% monthly support committed before our training! We are so blessed by those of you who have joined the team in the past few months. It really is an honor to be in ministry together with you all. Already, you have been an incredible encouragement and blessing to us. We cannot wait to see how God continues to use you to bless missionaries throughout our region and reach least-reached peoples with the Gospel. 

We have also reached 58% of our equipment fund! With this incredible generosity, and our progress in our monthly support, we will be able to begin taking on more of the communications responsibilities once we have completed CIT, even before heading for the field. 

Praise God with us

  • The people of Chapelstreet Church gave $375,000 for the Serve the World giving project. We are so grateful to have played a role in this project through storytelling!
  • That we have remained healthy through our travels and were still able to spend time with family this past month.
  • For 50% of our monthly financial partnerships and 58% of our equipment fund.
  • For the opportunity we have this month to learn and grow, and to get to know Andrew and Miranda (our future teammates) better.

Pray with us

  • That we can be an encouragement to our fellow missionaries-to-be while we’re all here together. It’s already been such a blessing to be here with people who are all in the same stage.
  • For continued growth in financial partnerships, even while we cannot actively seek them out. We are required to take a break on partnership development during our training, but we are still able to pray!
  • That everyone on campus here at CIT remains healthy
  • For God to give us the focus and capacity to learn all we can here

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