Prayer Letter – March 2021

There wasn’t much to do in Huntington, Indiana except walk to McDonalds. So that’s where we were when we made it “official” seven years ago on March 1st. We’ve marked the occasion every year with a Shamrock Shake.

From Heather:

This is normally where I say, “Wow! It’s been an amazing month!” While that’s never been untrue, I feel like I need to share a sightly different message this month to give you a real sense of how to pray for us.

When are you moving? That’s the question we keep getting, and it’s the question we ask ourselves over and over. This season of transition has lasted much longer than we had planned and hoped. I’ve kept getting rid of more stuff, ready to move with our four large suitcases.  We’ve been looking up apartments in Poznań, found a few used furniture stores to check out. I keep putting away a season’s clothes, hoping we’ll be in Poland before I’ll need to wear it all again, but the cycle continues. We’ve told our mechanic multiple times, “The car just needs to last a few more months,” and patch-job after patch-job it’s barely hanging on, and we’re still here. 

After another estimate for car repairs last week, I was feeling frustrated and discouraged. While I was despairing in the mechanic’s parking lot, Peter asked me, “What is your limit? Another year? Two years before we can move?” The idea of two more years on this side of the transition made my head swim. I wanted to say, “I’m not waiting another two years! We move before October, or we’re done!” But, of course, there is no limit. There’s no limit because God’s call to us has not changed, and my deep desire to see God exalted among the nations goes far beyond my wish to know how much longer we’ll have this car and where I’ll unpack my gloves again.

Sanctification. That’s the word we always hear when we talk with seasoned missionaries about this time of raising support. It’s the time when God works on us, shows us where we need to grow, reveals where we’re trying to rely on ourselves instead of our all-sufficient God. It’s what we’re experiencing now. It’s what we pray we will experience as we face challenges on the field, in our family, with our team. There should never be a limit to what I’m willing to do, to the time I’m willing to put in, to the plans I’m willing to reschedule, to make room for God to work in me, to make me holy, to make me more like Himself. 

We pray we do make it to the field in a few months. We are asking God for the funds to come in, the borders to open, and the ministry to launch in full force. We pray you will all get to hear stories of how God has worked in the lives of men and women who have encountered the Gospel for the first time. For now, you get to read about how God is working on me. 

You can help us get there!

We are currently at 52% of our monthly budget, over halfway there! This is because of your faithfulness in prayer and commitment to partnership with us in this ministry.

Now, this means that if everyone in monthly partnership with us refers us to people to match that giving, we will be fully funded! So, we are asking you to continue partnering with us by advocating for us. Help us connect with people you know so we can build up a full team of prayer and financial partners. 

We want you to know our tentative travel plans because we are trying to make connections in each of these places. If you know of people who might be interested in hearing about this ministry or who just have a passion for missions or communication, please help us connect with them in person or via zoom!

March 22 – April 3: Western New York
April 4 – April 20: Geneva, IL
April 21 – May 4: Jacksonville, FL
May 5 – May 19: Texas (San Antonio, Houston, Austin)
May 20 – Mid-June: Geneva, IL
June: Washington DC

Speaking at Bethel Baptist Church in Galesburg, IL. We were invited to share about our ministry as part of their “Missionary March Madness.”

Other things we’re working on:

We’ve started learning a bit of Polish on Duolingo. It’s been a fun way to look ahead. We’re just starting out, so I haven’t yet learned how to say, “I want a cookie,” but I did learn, “Mamy ciasteczka (We have cookies), i ja lubię ciasteczka (and I like cookies).” With a glance toward the kitchen, I think that mostly gets the point across.

In order to prepare the way for our ministry, we’re going to be reaching out to each worker individually in the next month. This will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other more, and to learn about our global workers’ goals and needs right now.

Praise God with us

  • We’ve been able to hang with a few of our current partners in the past few weeks. We genuinely love this time of fellowship and encouragement.
  • We visited a few Converge churches in Illinois recently, and we felt so welcomed and loved by the people and leadership at the churches.
  • We’re going to get to see our teammate, Andrew, again in a couple weeks, so we’re excited for some time together.

Pray with us

  • For our conversations with our global workers. We’re praying we can be an encouragement to these men and women. and that God uses this time to help us understand how we can best serve them.
  • For our continued partnership development. We were asked last week if we could be on the field by the first week of October to really begin traveling and working. With the buffer to work out residency stuff, that date is fast approaching. We are praying that God provides the needed partnership so we can move at the end of the summer. 
  • From 2 Corinthians 4, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” That we may rely on His all-surpassing power, and now our own weak vessels.

Heather and Peter

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