Prayer Letter – April 2021

Spring has sprung, and with it there’s a feeling of hope and anticipation. This month we’ve been able to meet with and visit a few more people and churches, and our monthly partnership has increased to 69%! We are praising God for this growth and praying with anticipation for continued progress.

We were able to meet with all of the global workers in Estonia and Sweden this month. They are all doing amazing work, serving with joy and excellence even while the country is nearly locked down. For some of them, this year has actually been a gift of time, in which they’ve been able to prepare physical space for future ministry without distraction. All of them have seen this year as an opportunity to be creative and innovative in their ministries. 

As we talked with them, we helped answer some questions about editing photos, capturing and editing videos, and how to gather and tell stories in a place where people are very private. We asked what they would like from us and where they could use our help. It was so encouraging for us to get to know each of them a little more, and we ended every meeting with a smile on our faces. We are looking forward to when we can visit them all in person.

We are getting ready to make our first equipment purchase in the next couple weeks so we can begin familiarizing ourselves with the gear. For Peter, this is two-years of planning, budgeting, and editing coming to reality, and it is feeling simultaneously rewarding and scary.

On a personal note, we were able to visit family in New York again this month, and then the first week of April was full of celebration as we had our 4th anniversary, Easter, and Peter’s 28th birthday! 

Upcoming travel:

If you are able to help connect us to people or churches near any of these locations, please let us know!

April 21 – May 4: Jacksonville, FL
May 5 – May 19: Texas (San Antonio, Houston, Austin)
May 20 – Mid-June: Geneva, IL
June: Washington DC

As people come to mind, you can contact us to help us connect.

Praise God with us

  • We have reached 69% of our monthly support!
  • We have had such wonderful conversations with our global workers, and are so grateful that we can serve alongside them and support their efforts.

Pray with us

  • We are going to visit a potential partnering church in Florida that shares our vision for stronger media to support missionaries. Please pray for the continued conversations with the church leadership and with the people of the church.
  • Every item we own has been designated to one of four categories: sell/donate, store, bring if it fits, and definitely moving. It’s exciting, but also a bit stressful as we plan for the unknown but still approaching moving date. 
  • Our boss, Dennis, is going to be in town this weekend. We’re looking forward to the in-person time together to plan and strategize.
  • Please pray for the additional 31% to come in quickly.
Heather and Peter

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