Prayer Letter – June 2021

We’re posting this month’s update a bit early because we have some exciting things coming up that we want you to know about and pray about with us!

A potential upcoming adventure

We plan to make a 10-day visit to Poznań, Poland on June 17th! We are so excited for this opportunity to meet some local pastors and leaders, to film a few small projects, meet with our Converge coworkers, and to explore our future home. Poland has still been unclear about when they will allow travel from the United States, but all indicators point to mid-June, so please pray with us that they will allow us to travel there.

Past Serve the World video projects

A beautiful cycle

While Peter was on staff at Chapelstreet Church, his favorite projects were those for Chapelstreet’s Serve the World fund. The videos we created were about partner ministries that were serving God around the world and seeing lasting change in people’s lives and communities. We were always blown away by the outpouring of love and support from the people of Chapelstreet. The generosity was always far beyond what we could have expected, and many ministries were blessed by those funds. I would argue, however, that the biggest effect of those video was in our hearts. 

Because of the profound impact those projects had on us, we wanted to continue that work on a larger scale. Now we will serve nearly 100 people in the European region by creating videos and content for hundreds of churches to see and for countless people to respond. To make that happen, we applied to the Serve the World fund for assistance in acquiring the necessary equipment. Again, the generosity is astounding, and it is a privilege to be a part of the cycle of giving, impact, and stories in a new way. 

The first light
Equipment purchasing

After years of lists and adjustments and planning, we began placing orders for equipment this week, and we are already getting things in! As we’re receiving it all in person, Peter will be setting it up and testing it to make sure it all works together as needed. Though we have had a sense of the size of each item, we’re going to actually see it all in person over the next month! We need it all to be easily packable, so we’re feeling simultaneously rewarded and nervous. 

A more defined timeline

As I write, all indicators are pointing to our ability to move to Poland by September! We’ve all learned to hold plans more loosely in the last year, but our support has been progressing well. Even if the borders don’t open in time for our trip in a few weeks, it seems clear they will open this summer. We’re already making plans for trips in September and October to work with some of our global workers and global partnering churches. 

What needs to happen in the meantime?
1. Completion of our training – We are nearly done with our training materials, so please pray that we are able to set aside the time to complete that well.
2. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork – We are working on getting everything in order to live and work overseas.
3. Partnership growth – We need more people to join in monthly partnership.
4. Equipment – We need to get all the gear, make sure it works for what we need, and figure out how to pack it all well and safely for our move and for our regular travels.

Praise God with us

  • For the incredible generosity that has enabled us to begin purchasing equipment
  • For the meetings we’ve had with our global workers this month – we are so grateful to be able to serve alongside them
  • For our Converge coworkers who have helped take on the burden of the equipment purchasing – the accounting department, communications team, and our regional leadership team have all joined us in the process of attaining the equipment

Pray with us

  • For Germany and Poland to let us and our coworkers travel there in just a few weeks!
  • For the equipment to all arrive in good condition and to meet our needs
  • For wisdom as we make decisions about our travel plans for the summer
  • For continue growth in monthly partnership
  • That even while our plans are up in the air, we are at peace and confident in God’s timing
  • For a sweet and joyful summer before our move

Thankful for your faithfulness in prayer.

Heather and Peter

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