Prayer Letter – August 2021

From Heather –

As this summer is winding down, I hope you’ve been able to check off the boxes of your top must-do summer activities. We’ve been able to enjoy some of the classics: lake-day and tubing, disc golf, 4th of July with friends, backyard games with family, road trips, watching the olympics, a nephew’s soccer game, exploring new places, hiking, and of course, some summer nature photography. Our list of summer must-dos this year had a few unique items as well: pack up all our belongings, create a will, make several doctor appointments, say good-bye our family and friends, and try to eat as many American foods as we can without gaining too much weight.

Some pictures from Lechworth State Park with my parents, then some time with my siblings and their sweet kids.

After saying goodbye to my family, we spent a week in Indiana visiting friends, churches, and our alma mater in Huntington. I couldn’t resist spending some time in the university library while we were there. Then we returned to Illinois in time to participate in Chapelstreet Church’s stadium service. It was such a joy to celebrate baptisms and the launching of the 4th campus with them. It was also another chance to try out the gear!

We were able to meet up with our fellow missionaries and our CIT neighbors, Brian and Rachel, for lunch a few weeks ago, and we found out we have the same moving date. If no complications arise, on September 14th, we will be headed to Poland, and they will be on their way to Japan. 

With September 14th only 11 days away, there are some loose ends to tie up, boxes to ship, bags to pack, and more good-byes. Please pray with us during these final weeks!

Praise God with us

  • Our teammates, the Brothers, made it safely to Poland. They completed their required quarantine and are already off and running, assisting with a local church’s kids English camp last week!
  • For our approval to go to the field! Lots of preparation has gone into our readiness for the field, not only from us but from the many staff at Converge who have been with us through each step and training. We are so grateful for their help.
  • For the chance to spend time with family and friends and in places that have meant so much to us
  • For our last Chapelstreet Church event shoot, during which we were able to capture the gathering and baptisms

Pray with us

  • Our tickets are for September 14th. We’re praying for borders to remain open. We’ve all learned in the past year and a half to hold plans loosely, but we are praying we can be on those flights
  • For the decisions we have to make as we pack our belongings and fit them into the allowed suitcases
  • For our teammates, especially Steve and Jenny, who are preparing for our arrival and graciously coordinating many things on that end
  • For the many visits and good-byes in the next few weeks

Thank you for praying with us as we prepare for our launch!

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