A Look Back on the Summer

August 2022

From Heather – 

We want to share some of the highlights of this summer. These are just a few good moments. Many more were enjoyed but not photographed. 

Denver & the Reach Conference
Time with friends
. . . with family
. . . and with our churches
All of it fueled by Panera’s sip club

But seriously.

Back in Poland

It’s hard to believe we’ve already been back in Poland for several weeks. After recovering from a stomach bug we picked up during our travels, we moved into our new apartment!

We’ve moved so many times now, you’d think we’ve got it figured out, but learning how to live in our new apartment reminded us that we need to have more patience with ourselves when we’re doing things in a still foreign country and language.

With a few false starts, several hours in line and a few gracious employees, we managed to get our utilities contracts set up.

After a couple hours on the floor in front of our washer/dryer, trying to read Polish manuals and discern the symbols, I’ve mastered the appliance.

We had bought all our kitchen items and were ready to cook our first meal when we attempted to start our stove top to no avail. This was a Friday evening before a long weekend (The Assumption of Mary), so we had a several days of pizza, cheese and crackers, and ramen before the maintenance guy came on Tuesday morning.

And the list goes on, but we’re slowly making progress and grateful that we have the freedom in our schedule right now to make mistakes and try again.

It’s been 3 years since we’ve lived in our own apartment, and while we’ve been incredible thankful for the many people who’ve taken us in, we’re happy we’re finally able to settling into our own place. We’re still waiting on most of our furniture, but we’ve gotten our balcony set up to enjoy these warm evenings.

Our living room
The word for heather in Polish is wrzos, which took a few tries to pronounce correctly. It may be the most popular plant here this time of year while it’s in bloom, and it seemed fitting to buy it for our new balcony.

We’re preparing our schedule for the year ahead. With a focus this fall on launching a new regional fund campaign, setting up our office, and completing projects for Estonia, Poland, and Czechia, our schedule will be very full, but it won’t include too much travel. 

January will shift our focus to the Great Sea initiative, the group of ministries targeting the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. We’ve already spent some time with a few of the workers there, and we’re really looking forward to these visits. 

Praise God with us
  • That we were able to be part of some big moments this summer – baptisms, new babies, a funeral, a baby dedication, and more
  • That during a summer when many people experienced major travel interruptions and cancellations, all fifteen of our flights went smoothly
  • For the many friends and family who opened their homes to us this summer
  • For our new apartment
Pray with us
  • For our new apartment building and neighborhood, that they may come to know the God who loves them
  • As we prepare our new home not only as a place of rest for us but as place to welcome in our friends and neighbors
  • For patience and energy as we settle into back into life in Poland
  • For a new language tutor – we’re both looking to start lessons with a new tutor this fall
  • For the ministry year ahead, that God would guide us as we make decisions and plan projects – that He would use us to bless the missionaries in our region
  • For an appointment this week to get our PESEL numbers – this is somewhat similar to your SSN, but it is used much more widely

We’re so grateful for your partnership with us in ministry and for your prayers.

Heather and Peter

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