Prayer Letter – October 2021

From Heather –

On September 14th, we brought 10 suitcases and 2 backpacks to the airport. By the grace of God, every suitcase made it to the small Poznań airport, and when we walked out the doors, our Poland teammates greeted us with smiles, signs, and hugs.

Nine days in Poland

Steve and Jenny have been the most incredible blessing to us as we have prepared for our move, and now in our first few weeks in our new home. They have been so welcoming, flexible, and gracious as we’ve fumbled through adjusting to the time zone, learning the public transportation, getting phones and food, and anything we could possibly think of. They have four kids, active ministries, other teammates, and social lives, and yet they have served us so sacrificially and wonderfully in our first few weeks.

Andrew and Miranda have been in Poland for a few months now. They’re still settling into their new home, just beginning language school, and navigating parenting in a new place and culture. Even so, they have also welcomed us, helped us, and encouraged us during our first week.

We originally decided to move to Poland not because we were passionate about serving there but because we knew practically that it made the most sense for our work. It is centrally located, relatively affordable, strong team, etc. After we made that decision, we began learning about Poland, praying for the Polish people, asking questions about the Christian community there. Over time, I began to fall in love with Poland. When we arrived, I felt like I was finally meeting the place I loved and the people I cared for. 

On our first Sunday, we got to meet in person Pastor Łukasz (pronounced Woo-kah-sh). He is the pastor over Kaściół na Skala (Church on the Rock), the church we will be a part of. Pastor Łukasz asked us, “What has been the most shocking thing [in our first week in Poland]?” Nothing has been shocking, but we have experienced some expected challenges. We are both eager to learn how to check out of a store without needing to ask if the cashier speaks English. Besides, this question is most often answered with a “no” and then a shrug from both sides while I dumbly hold out my card to pay.

When I developed a cold a few days before we left for Estonia, there was no Mucinex or Nyquil to help me quickly recover. When we went to pick up our public transit cards, a miscommunication with the service desk led to me paying for a 30 day pass instead of the desired pay-as-you-go card. All of these are expected mistakes and lessons, but these are the small changes to our everyday life that could, over time, cause frustration. Please be praying for humility and patience as we encounter each new thing.

Ten days in Estonia

If you’re anything like me, Estonia probably hasn’t come to your mind often. Maybe you can’t point to it on a map. Maybe you haven’t heard of it at all. But let me tell you, God loves Estonia. God’s love for Estonia reaches deep into people’s hearts, it stretches across oceans and it transforms lives. On our visit, I experienced the depth of God’s love for people in a way I had never before. 

We’ll be working on several video stories from the trip, so I won’t write them all out here. I am so excited for you to reflect on God’s love, patience, and grace in the way we have through these stories. 

Between the four long-form interviews, countless b-roll shoots, a dozen snapshot interviews, and many church visits, we kept very busy on this trip. We’d head back to our hotel in the evening with sore feet and full SD cards to spend several hours transferring files, setting up gear for the next day, and preparing interview questions. 

Having been our first trip, and so soon after our move, we were not at all able to prepare in the way we will for future trips, but our global workers were so gracious in letting us pull them away from all the trip activities to capture pieces of their stories. We’re looking forward to taking a look at what went well and what needs work for our next ministry visits. 

Back home in Poland

The top floor is our apartment. The room on the bottom floor will be our studio space, and the room behind it will be Peter’s office.

We are happy to be back here and learning more about life here. We’ve been able to get more settled in our home. We went to the store with a list of needed items (like light bulbs, batteries, and storage baskets), and we left with every single item on our list! We were even able to get a washing machine this week.

Even so, coming back home to a foreign culture is a challenge. When we need to rest and reset, we’re still in a place where ordering a cup of coffee can just seem like one too many embarrassing interactions. I’m not saying this because we are feeling frustrated or discouraged, but because we want you to know of the ups and downs that are part daily life for us right now.

Upcoming travels

Tomorrow, we are headed to Berlin to spend a few days there with Dennis (our boss) and his wife Amanda. We were with them in Estonia, but this will be a chance to spend some time with them without a camera always in hand.

When we’re back, we’ll be taking a few day trips with Dennis and Amanda and our teammates to other parts of Poland. We’ll be visited Szczecin (pronounced Sh-che-chin),where Converge has an ongoing relationship with Pastor Robert. This is the city our future teammates Lemuel and Brittany will work. We’ll also be visiting the small city of Gniezno.

Praise God with us

  • We and our equipment made it safely to Poland and then to Estonia and back
  • Our teammates have been so welcoming, patient, and helpful as we’re adjusting to life here
  • We have felt surprisingly comfortable here, and every day we feel like we’re becoming more acquainted with the city
  • We had a wonderful and busy trip to Estonia, and got to spend time with the workers there

Pray with us

  • For the little challenges and changes that pop up, for patience with ourselves and resolve to meet each one head on
  • For the months of writing and editing the videos from our Estonia trip
  • For the documentation we are in the process of completing and submitting so we can apply for our temporary residency cards
  • For us to find the right program and pace for language study. We intend to get a tutor, and do language intensives as our schedule allows.
  • For rest in the chaos
  • That God continues to impress on us His love for the Polish people, and that we can represent that love to others, even while we do not know the language

Thank you for your prayers.

Peter & Heather

Prayer Letter – August 2021

From Heather –

As this summer is winding down, I hope you’ve been able to check off the boxes of your top must-do summer activities. We’ve been able to enjoy some of the classics: lake-day and tubing, disc golf, 4th of July with friends, backyard games with family, road trips, watching the olympics, a nephew’s soccer game, exploring new places, hiking, and of course, some summer nature photography. Our list of summer must-dos this year had a few unique items as well: pack up all our belongings, create a will, make several doctor appointments, say good-bye our family and friends, and try to eat as many American foods as we can without gaining too much weight.

Some pictures from Lechworth State Park with my parents, then some time with my siblings and their sweet kids.

After saying goodbye to my family, we spent a week in Indiana visiting friends, churches, and our alma mater in Huntington. I couldn’t resist spending some time in the university library while we were there. Then we returned to Illinois in time to participate in Chapelstreet Church’s stadium service. It was such a joy to celebrate baptisms and the launching of the 4th campus with them. It was also another chance to try out the gear!

We were able to meet up with our fellow missionaries and our CIT neighbors, Brian and Rachel, for lunch a few weeks ago, and we found out we have the same moving date. If no complications arise, on September 14th, we will be headed to Poland, and they will be on their way to Japan. 

With September 14th only 11 days away, there are some loose ends to tie up, boxes to ship, bags to pack, and more good-byes. Please pray with us during these final weeks!

Praise God with us

  • Our teammates, the Brothers, made it safely to Poland. They completed their required quarantine and are already off and running, assisting with a local church’s kids English camp last week!
  • For our approval to go to the field! Lots of preparation has gone into our readiness for the field, not only from us but from the many staff at Converge who have been with us through each step and training. We are so grateful for their help.
  • For the chance to spend time with family and friends and in places that have meant so much to us
  • For our last Chapelstreet Church event shoot, during which we were able to capture the gathering and baptisms

Pray with us

  • Our tickets are for September 14th. We’re praying for borders to remain open. We’ve all learned in the past year and a half to hold plans loosely, but we are praying we can be on those flights
  • For the decisions we have to make as we pack our belongings and fit them into the allowed suitcases
  • For our teammates, especially Steve and Jenny, who are preparing for our arrival and graciously coordinating many things on that end
  • For the many visits and good-byes in the next few weeks

Thank you for praying with us as we prepare for our launch!

Prayer Letter – June 2021

We’re posting this month’s update a bit early because we have some exciting things coming up that we want you to know about and pray about with us!

A potential upcoming adventure

We plan to make a 10-day visit to Poznań, Poland on June 17th! We are so excited for this opportunity to meet some local pastors and leaders, to film a few small projects, meet with our Converge coworkers, and to explore our future home. Poland has still been unclear about when they will allow travel from the United States, but all indicators point to mid-June, so please pray with us that they will allow us to travel there.

Past Serve the World video projects

A beautiful cycle

While Peter was on staff at Chapelstreet Church, his favorite projects were those for Chapelstreet’s Serve the World fund. The videos we created were about partner ministries that were serving God around the world and seeing lasting change in people’s lives and communities. We were always blown away by the outpouring of love and support from the people of Chapelstreet. The generosity was always far beyond what we could have expected, and many ministries were blessed by those funds. I would argue, however, that the biggest effect of those video was in our hearts. 

Because of the profound impact those projects had on us, we wanted to continue that work on a larger scale. Now we will serve nearly 100 people in the European region by creating videos and content for hundreds of churches to see and for countless people to respond. To make that happen, we applied to the Serve the World fund for assistance in acquiring the necessary equipment. Again, the generosity is astounding, and it is a privilege to be a part of the cycle of giving, impact, and stories in a new way. 

The first light
Equipment purchasing

After years of lists and adjustments and planning, we began placing orders for equipment this week, and we are already getting things in! As we’re receiving it all in person, Peter will be setting it up and testing it to make sure it all works together as needed. Though we have had a sense of the size of each item, we’re going to actually see it all in person over the next month! We need it all to be easily packable, so we’re feeling simultaneously rewarded and nervous. 

A more defined timeline

As I write, all indicators are pointing to our ability to move to Poland by September! We’ve all learned to hold plans more loosely in the last year, but our support has been progressing well. Even if the borders don’t open in time for our trip in a few weeks, it seems clear they will open this summer. We’re already making plans for trips in September and October to work with some of our global workers and global partnering churches. 

What needs to happen in the meantime?
1. Completion of our training – We are nearly done with our training materials, so please pray that we are able to set aside the time to complete that well.
2. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork – We are working on getting everything in order to live and work overseas.
3. Partnership growth – We need more people to join in monthly partnership.
4. Equipment – We need to get all the gear, make sure it works for what we need, and figure out how to pack it all well and safely for our move and for our regular travels.

Praise God with us

  • For the incredible generosity that has enabled us to begin purchasing equipment
  • For the meetings we’ve had with our global workers this month – we are so grateful to be able to serve alongside them
  • For our Converge coworkers who have helped take on the burden of the equipment purchasing – the accounting department, communications team, and our regional leadership team have all joined us in the process of attaining the equipment

Pray with us

  • For Germany and Poland to let us and our coworkers travel there in just a few weeks!
  • For the equipment to all arrive in good condition and to meet our needs
  • For wisdom as we make decisions about our travel plans for the summer
  • For continue growth in monthly partnership
  • That even while our plans are up in the air, we are at peace and confident in God’s timing
  • For a sweet and joyful summer before our move

Thankful for your faithfulness in prayer.

Heather and Peter

Prayer Letter – May 2021

On set with Dennis and editing the scripts for a few social media promo videos.

Ernest Hemingway used the phrase, “Gradually, then suddenly.” John Green wrote, “slowly, and then all at once.” However you think of it, you’re probably familiar with this feeling. The feeling of getting closer to something, one small movement at a time, and then suddenly everything changes. That’s how we are feeling this month. We’ve been inching our way closer to the field, and it has felt like the time keeps stretching and we’re barely moving closer, then suddenly this month hit us. 

With a visit from Dennis McMains, the international leader for our region, and Bob and Carol Marsh, our regional impact team, we dove into the communications needs for our region and how we’re going to tackle them. We talked about our role in communications and in leadership in our region. We began marking our calendar with dates to visit Russia and Estonia this fall. We visited the Orlando office to meet with the communications team there to start sharing subscriptions and go over our plans and gear.

Time with Dennis, Bob, and Carol was encouraging, fun, and full of laughter as we get to know each other more with each in-person visit. 

Steve and Jenny, the team leaders in Poland, found a house for their family with an unattached guest house. This guest house is going to serve as our apartment when we first arrive and then as our office space once we find our own apartment. It’s under construction now, so we’ll have a place to live by August. We’ve started to talk about the details of items to pack, and how to bring it all over.

We have reached 75% in monthly support, and we’re still moving forward in our equipment fund! We’ve been so blessed and encouraged by the boldness and faith of our monthly partners. In honor of our progress bar turning green when we reached 75%, we made this post a bit green.

The most recent information is showing that the Polish government is still planning to open borders this summer, and Steve is working on our behalf to get visas in order and find a way for us to be able to travel even while our visa application is being processed. In conversations with him, we’ve also been talking about the church we might join in Poland and how we can be involved there.

It has been a month of real movement forward, and we are so excited about it!

We got to meet Dave and Rennie and hear a bit about their heart and strategy for disciple-making. This couple has impacted so many people in our lives, and just spending a few hours with them was such a blessing to us. 
It was good to spend some time with family in Florida. While there, we got to visit some of our Poland teammates as well as First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach and the Converge office in Orlando.

Praise God with us

  • We have reached 75% of our monthly support!
  • So many good visits with coworkers, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ. One of the most common questions we get is, “Is your family supportive?” We are beyond grateful that we can answer with a confident “Yes!” and that we have so many additional people who pour into us and support us.
  • For the work Steve and Jenny are doing to prepare the way for us to join them in Poznań. 

Pray with us

  • For our health in our last week of travels
  • For Bob and Carol, Andrew and Miranda, who are all fully funded and trusting God to open the borders and settle things here so they can be on the field in the next few months.
  • As we dive further into the Converge communications world, “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us;” – Psalm 90:17
  • For the additional 25% in monthly partnerships!

Thankful for your faithfulness in prayer.

Heather and Peter

Prayer Letter – April 2021

Spring has sprung, and with it there’s a feeling of hope and anticipation. This month we’ve been able to meet with and visit a few more people and churches, and our monthly partnership has increased to 69%! We are praising God for this growth and praying with anticipation for continued progress.

We were able to meet with all of the global workers in Estonia and Sweden this month. They are all doing amazing work, serving with joy and excellence even while the country is nearly locked down. For some of them, this year has actually been a gift of time, in which they’ve been able to prepare physical space for future ministry without distraction. All of them have seen this year as an opportunity to be creative and innovative in their ministries. 

As we talked with them, we helped answer some questions about editing photos, capturing and editing videos, and how to gather and tell stories in a place where people are very private. We asked what they would like from us and where they could use our help. It was so encouraging for us to get to know each of them a little more, and we ended every meeting with a smile on our faces. We are looking forward to when we can visit them all in person.

We are getting ready to make our first equipment purchase in the next couple weeks so we can begin familiarizing ourselves with the gear. For Peter, this is two-years of planning, budgeting, and editing coming to reality, and it is feeling simultaneously rewarding and scary.

On a personal note, we were able to visit family in New York again this month, and then the first week of April was full of celebration as we had our 4th anniversary, Easter, and Peter’s 28th birthday! 

Upcoming travel:

If you are able to help connect us to people or churches near any of these locations, please let us know!

April 21 – May 4: Jacksonville, FL
May 5 – May 19: Texas (San Antonio, Houston, Austin)
May 20 – Mid-June: Geneva, IL
June: Washington DC

As people come to mind, you can contact us to help us connect.

Praise God with us

  • We have reached 69% of our monthly support!
  • We have had such wonderful conversations with our global workers, and are so grateful that we can serve alongside them and support their efforts.

Pray with us

  • We are going to visit a potential partnering church in Florida that shares our vision for stronger media to support missionaries. Please pray for the continued conversations with the church leadership and with the people of the church.
  • Every item we own has been designated to one of four categories: sell/donate, store, bring if it fits, and definitely moving. It’s exciting, but also a bit stressful as we plan for the unknown but still approaching moving date. 
  • Our boss, Dennis, is going to be in town this weekend. We’re looking forward to the in-person time together to plan and strategize.
  • Please pray for the additional 31% to come in quickly.
Heather and Peter

Prayer Letter – March 2021

There wasn’t much to do in Huntington, Indiana except walk to McDonalds. So that’s where we were when we made it “official” seven years ago on March 1st. We’ve marked the occasion every year with a Shamrock Shake.

From Heather:

This is normally where I say, “Wow! It’s been an amazing month!” While that’s never been untrue, I feel like I need to share a sightly different message this month to give you a real sense of how to pray for us.

When are you moving? That’s the question we keep getting, and it’s the question we ask ourselves over and over. This season of transition has lasted much longer than we had planned and hoped. I’ve kept getting rid of more stuff, ready to move with our four large suitcases.  We’ve been looking up apartments in Poznań, found a few used furniture stores to check out. I keep putting away a season’s clothes, hoping we’ll be in Poland before I’ll need to wear it all again, but the cycle continues. We’ve told our mechanic multiple times, “The car just needs to last a few more months,” and patch-job after patch-job it’s barely hanging on, and we’re still here. 

After another estimate for car repairs last week, I was feeling frustrated and discouraged. While I was despairing in the mechanic’s parking lot, Peter asked me, “What is your limit? Another year? Two years before we can move?” The idea of two more years on this side of the transition made my head swim. I wanted to say, “I’m not waiting another two years! We move before October, or we’re done!” But, of course, there is no limit. There’s no limit because God’s call to us has not changed, and my deep desire to see God exalted among the nations goes far beyond my wish to know how much longer we’ll have this car and where I’ll unpack my gloves again.

Sanctification. That’s the word we always hear when we talk with seasoned missionaries about this time of raising support. It’s the time when God works on us, shows us where we need to grow, reveals where we’re trying to rely on ourselves instead of our all-sufficient God. It’s what we’re experiencing now. It’s what we pray we will experience as we face challenges on the field, in our family, with our team. There should never be a limit to what I’m willing to do, to the time I’m willing to put in, to the plans I’m willing to reschedule, to make room for God to work in me, to make me holy, to make me more like Himself. 

We pray we do make it to the field in a few months. We are asking God for the funds to come in, the borders to open, and the ministry to launch in full force. We pray you will all get to hear stories of how God has worked in the lives of men and women who have encountered the Gospel for the first time. For now, you get to read about how God is working on me. 

You can help us get there!

We are currently at 52% of our monthly budget, over halfway there! This is because of your faithfulness in prayer and commitment to partnership with us in this ministry.

Now, this means that if everyone in monthly partnership with us refers us to people to match that giving, we will be fully funded! So, we are asking you to continue partnering with us by advocating for us. Help us connect with people you know so we can build up a full team of prayer and financial partners. 

We want you to know our tentative travel plans because we are trying to make connections in each of these places. If you know of people who might be interested in hearing about this ministry or who just have a passion for missions or communication, please help us connect with them in person or via zoom!

March 22 – April 3: Western New York
April 4 – April 20: Geneva, IL
April 21 – May 4: Jacksonville, FL
May 5 – May 19: Texas (San Antonio, Houston, Austin)
May 20 – Mid-June: Geneva, IL
June: Washington DC

Speaking at Bethel Baptist Church in Galesburg, IL. We were invited to share about our ministry as part of their “Missionary March Madness.”

Other things we’re working on:

We’ve started learning a bit of Polish on Duolingo. It’s been a fun way to look ahead. We’re just starting out, so I haven’t yet learned how to say, “I want a cookie,” but I did learn, “Mamy ciasteczka (We have cookies), i ja lubię ciasteczka (and I like cookies).” With a glance toward the kitchen, I think that mostly gets the point across.

In order to prepare the way for our ministry, we’re going to be reaching out to each worker individually in the next month. This will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other more, and to learn about our global workers’ goals and needs right now.

Praise God with us

  • We’ve been able to hang with a few of our current partners in the past few weeks. We genuinely love this time of fellowship and encouragement.
  • We visited a few Converge churches in Illinois recently, and we felt so welcomed and loved by the people and leadership at the churches.
  • We’re going to get to see our teammate, Andrew, again in a couple weeks, so we’re excited for some time together.

Pray with us

  • For our conversations with our global workers. We’re praying we can be an encouragement to these men and women. and that God uses this time to help us understand how we can best serve them.
  • For our continued partnership development. We were asked last week if we could be on the field by the first week of October to really begin traveling and working. With the buffer to work out residency stuff, that date is fast approaching. We are praying that God provides the needed partnership so we can move at the end of the summer. 
  • From 2 Corinthians 4, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” That we may rely on His all-surpassing power, and now our own weak vessels.

Heather and Peter

Prayer Letter – February 2021

It was an incredible month at CIT in North Carolina. We genuinely wish you could all experienced the care, encouragement, challenges, and education we received this past month. We’ll try to sum up a few of the highlights.

The facilitators:

These men and women were true mentors. They were all experienced missionaries who had so much knowledge and wisdom to pass down, but truly a group of some of the most humble and caring people we have had the opportunity to spend time with. Each facilitator took the time to share their testimonies, call to missions, and path to CIT. They have all endured true loss and pain, but they exude the joy and peace of Christ. Over and over they reminded us that one of the most valuable things we can bring to the field is a heart of gratitude. 

The Heart of the Servant study:

A frequent topic of conversation was the importance of our own strong faith and trust in God. Every morning, we began classes by going through the Heart of the Servant curriculum. This dove into deep spiritual issues, how we view God, ourselves, sin, and the Gospel. We returned to the below illustration often. 

Lessons on crossing cultures and building teams:

Nearly all of our regular class time was spent on these two topics. Building a team, effective leadership, strong followership, the stages of team development, cross-cultural teams, and conflict were all topics that we learned about, discussed, and tested through activities. For the actual crossing of cultures, we touched on nearly every topic we could have imagined, and many we hadn’t thought about. We feel confident in the foundation CIT has laid for us to build our life and ministry on, and we are excited to put those principles into practice. 

Our fellow missionaries-to-be:

We had the chance to spend time with and learn with thirty-three men and women who are going through all of the exact same things we are. On our last day, we were looking around the room, wishing we had more time with every single person there. We’re all going into different parts of the world, learning different languages, and working in different ministries, but we share the same goal: to see people of every nation worshipping the One True God. 

It was especially fun to get to know our teammates, Andrew and Miranda, in person. We were even able to celebrate my (Heather’s) birthday with them while we were there. Learning together was such a great way to spend time with them, and we are so grateful we had that. There was one other family with Converge at the training. The Luskys are going to be leading the Converge ministries in Japan, and they were our neighbors for the month. It was so fun to get to know them and spend time with them, and we got to learn a bit about Converge ministries in other parts of the world. 

We have lots of exciting things going on this week. We’re currently in Florida and have had the chance to take part in Trinity Baptist College’s missions emphasis week. In true missions fashion, we showed up thinking we would just be hanging by the booth to answer questions, and we were asked to go speak to a high school class about missions and our ministry. Then we were able to chat with some college students who were interested in Converge. We’ll be back there this evening and tomorrow. 

We don’t have any plans nailed down after a visit to Heather’s grandma next weekend, so we’re praying about where we should be to be most effective in our work right now. After CIT, we are feeling very ready to launch, so we are feeling the need to be as high functioning in our partner development as possible. 

Last month we and two other members of our leadership team formed a communications task team, and we are looking at ways we can improve our region’s communications this year. Our goal is to have more stories coming from the field and to make our missionaries’ communications easier by providing them with some helping materials and tools. We’re so excited to be part of this progress and see the beginnings of our ministry at work.

Praise God with us

  • Our month at CIT was full of growth and learning. We are so grateful for the time we had there. It was challenging, but it was also a time of rest and refreshment while we paused all other work.
  • We are enjoying time with the students and our fellow missionaries at Trinity Baptist College.
  • For 65% of our equipment fun! We are so blessed by God’s provision through you all!

Pray with us

  • For connections with local churches and people here in Florida that would results in partnership. We have already started to make some connections, and we’re praying that this time would be fruitful.
  • For the conversations with college students about going to the mission field. It is our desire that each person understands their role in the Great Commission, and how God is equipping them to help share the Gospel with all peoples. Pray with us for these students who are at the brink of stepping out.
  • For wisdom as we navigate where we should be based right now
  • For four of our classmates (S&A, E, and M) who are heading to the field this week or next. It’s such a fast turnaround for them, so we’re praying for their goodbyes and smooth travel.
Our memory passage at CIT was 2 Corinthians 4:1-12. It is a passage we have and will continue to return to often. It begins, “Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart,” and ends, “So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.” The task ahead is impossible. It will be full of pain and challenges, but it is through the mercy of God that we are able to participate in His work of drawing people to Himself. He is able to do what is impossible for us.  

We encourage you to meditate on this passage with us this month. May you experience His faithfulness, His glory, and His all-surpassing power.

Heather and Peter

Prayer Letter – January 2021

We pray you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and joyful New Year, even if they looked a bit different. We were able to serve at our church on Christmas Eve, and spend a quiet Christmas day at home before heading out on our multi-month road trip to spend our last Christmas and New Year’s day with family before we move. Praise God we made it through those travels with our car in one piece and negative Covid tests!

We’re keeping this month’s letter brief because we are currently at the Center for Intercultural Training site in North Carolina, settling into our apartment and getting some homework done before going to spend some in-person time with our teammates, Andrew and Miranda. We are very excited for this training and the relationships we will be able to develop over the next month, and we’re looking forward to telling you all about this experience.

We have reached our goal of 50% monthly support committed before our training! We are so blessed by those of you who have joined the team in the past few months. It really is an honor to be in ministry together with you all. Already, you have been an incredible encouragement and blessing to us. We cannot wait to see how God continues to use you to bless missionaries throughout our region and reach least-reached peoples with the Gospel. 

We have also reached 58% of our equipment fund! With this incredible generosity, and our progress in our monthly support, we will be able to begin taking on more of the communications responsibilities once we have completed CIT, even before heading for the field. 

Praise God with us

  • The people of Chapelstreet Church gave $375,000 for the Serve the World giving project. We are so grateful to have played a role in this project through storytelling!
  • That we have remained healthy through our travels and were still able to spend time with family this past month.
  • For 50% of our monthly financial partnerships and 58% of our equipment fund.
  • For the opportunity we have this month to learn and grow, and to get to know Andrew and Miranda (our future teammates) better.

Pray with us

  • That we can be an encouragement to our fellow missionaries-to-be while we’re all here together. It’s already been such a blessing to be here with people who are all in the same stage.
  • For continued growth in financial partnerships, even while we cannot actively seek them out. We are required to take a break on partnership development during our training, but we are still able to pray!
  • That everyone on campus here at CIT remains healthy
  • For God to give us the focus and capacity to learn all we can here

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Prayer Letter – December 2020

Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead, and it’s a year unlike any other. We pray your Thanksgiving was full of good food and gratitude. It was easy for us this year to reflect on what we’re thankful for, because it’s you. We are so grateful for your dedication to lifting us and this ministry up in prayer. We firmly believe God reveals himself and his power through answered prayers.

This past month, we’ve had to stop visiting local churches out of respect for heightened restrictions, but it’s given us an opportunity to reconnect with some older friends and to continue serving at Chapelstreet Church however we can. As we send this letter, we’re on our last day of quarantine after Peter was exposed to COVID. We’re both feeling healthy, and his test came back negative, so we’re ready to jump back in to the Christmas season.

We’ve been working on a video series for Chapelstreet’s advent giving project. The past few years have focused on a global partner, but this year, it’s a local organization that serves survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Our teaser trailer and first story video have both been released. You can watch them here:

We’ve been working on a video series for Chapelstreet’s advent giving project. The past few years have focused on a global partner, but this year, it’s a local organization that serves survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Our teaser trailer and first story video have both been released. You can watch them here.

Ministry Highlight: Photography, Border Guards and the Gospel

A Northern Lights photography trip and a mishap with border guards leads to the opportunity for Crick to share his faith. Read the full story here.

We launched our Facebook page! Like and follow it for regular updates on our life and ministry.

Praise God with Us

For the completion of the first two videos in our advent giving project and the opportunity to encourage more people to get involved in this ministry.

For our health and ability to continue to connect with people over Zoom while we have been quarantined. 

Between my (Heather’s) new favorite book, Cross-Cultural Connection, and our advent study, we’ve had the opportunity reflect on this year together and really talk through some of the stresses we’ve been facing, and pray over those things together.

Chapelstreet Church has hired someone to fill Peter’s position. We’ve been praying about this position for a year, and we are so excited for Matt to take on this role. Matt has been a part of the church for a few years, and has worked on some video projects for the church already. He has also been working with us on the Naomi’s House project. Praise God for the provision and the time for a smooth transition. 

Pray with Us

For our continued preparation and study we approach as our cross-cultural training.

For our visits with family over Christmas to be safe, healthy, and full of joy.

We are praying for 50% in our monthly partnerships and 60% of our equipment fund.

From Psalm 27:14: “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

Thank you for praying with us!

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Prayer Letter – November 2020

One of our many fall photography walks this month.

Lots going on this month! We want to give you a brief update of the many different ways God is working.

Our region had a virtual gathering a few weeks ago, and we were able to co-lead a breakout on communications. We taught on two things how to set yourself up for a video teaching, and how to capture basic b-roll to add in to your videos. It was so fun to see our missionaries moving themselves and their cameras to follow our tips, and noticing things in the background that they hadn’t thought of before. After the breakout, one of our missionaries told us, “I should have waited 2 more hours to post that video. I did everything wrong!” We’re hoping to do this lesson again sometime in the next few months. Let us know if this could be useful for you as well, and we’ll see how we can include you!

A week after leading that breakout, we noticed we weren’t following our own advice very well. This wasn’t an official teaching, but if our primary goal in set up is to eliminate distractions, we definitely should have moved that lamp.

Local church visits continue to encourage us. It is a joy to talk with these pastors and worship in these churches. We are blessed to have our community in support of this ministry.

You have been faithful in prayer and faithful in giving. Because of that, with our start-up fund complete, we have now reached 21% of our equipment fund. Praise God for his provision through you all.

This month we’ve seen some monthly partners drop off and we’ve had new people join. Our monthly partnership commitment is now at 40%. While we’re sad to see that our percentage has gone down this month, we’re looking forward to seeing how God continues to set people in place to partner with us in this ministry.

Poland Update 🇵🇱

Poland has been in the news lately for two reasons. First, a recently created law regarding abortion has led to widespread protests. We won’t dive into this issue, but a related BBC article pulled an interesting quote from a protestor – “I’m here today because it annoys me that in a secular country the church decides for me what rights I have, what I can do and what I’m not allowed to do.” This young woman pointed out a shift that our organization and a few like it have already begun to see: many people in this country no longer view their Catholic heritage as valuable today. While we may still think of Poland as a Catholic nation at least in tradition, the young people adamantly disagree – they are living in a secular nation where Christian values are not relevant.

Second, there has been a huge spike of Covid cases throughout central Europe. Several of our team member’s friends, kids’ teachers and classmates, and neighbors have tested positive. All of Steve and Jenny’s kids are schooling from home now, and there is tremendous stress in re-acclimating to life in Poland at a time like this. 

We’re now on social media! One step at a time: Instagram now, Facebook next.

We launched our Instagram account as a way for more people to hear about us and see what’s going on in our ministry, and as a way for you to share this ministry with your friends. If you haven’t already managed to find us, we encourage you to check it out and follow us @hansonstoryteam. Guaranteed pictures and stories of us working, glimpses into our daily life as we prepare for the field, and scriptural puns about media equipment. 

Praise God with Us

For God’s provision and for the generosity of His people.

For a successful first communications workshop.

After the opportunity to test the camera we plan to buy for this ministry, we are feeling confident in our choice. 

For the encouragement we have received from our various teams (in Poland, in the Converge leadership, and in you)

Pray with Us

For our Polish brothers and sisters who are striving to live out the Gospel through all this turmoil.

For God to continue to guide us in our conversations about the development of a full team.

For tremendous growth in partnership over the next few months. Please pray for 50% in our monthly partnerships!

From Galatians 6:9, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.