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In 2015, Dennis knew it was time for him to transition out of his role as executive pastor into something new. He’s now celebrating his 7th anniversary as the International Leader for Converge International Ministries’ Europe & Mediterranean Region. It’s now his wife Amanda’s turn for a big change.

Nearly a decade ago, Dennis McMains was working as the executive pastor of a large church in Arizona when he began to sense that God was bringing on a big change. Through his church, he had formed a connection with ministry in Poland, and he found himself, along with his wife Amanda, on a short-term trip to Gniezno, a small city in Poland with a rich history.

While visiting a church where Polish kings were once crowned, Dennis and Amanda prayed on their knees over the future that God was preparing for them. They began to feel God moving them to work with Converge International Ministries, but this change would mean support-raising, travel, and an entirely new kind of work. They knew that it was not a transition they could manage without God’s guidance.

Shortly after they arrived back in the States, Dennis was asked if he would join Converge as the International Leader of the Europe and Mediterranean region, a position he accepted and continues in now. In this role, he leads the workers throughout our region.

In May 2021, Amanda retired from her career in education, and the couple is once again praying for God’s leading as she prepares to step into a new position, caring for the third culture kids in our region.

When they visited us in October, the four of us spent a day in Gniezno. We filmed them as they reenacted their walk through the city and their prayers in the church.

On the train ride back, they told us how impactful it had been to relive those moments as they’re going through another big change. It was a reminder of how God had led them, the work He’s done in them and in this region since those early days, and of how He’s still leading them now.

These are the moments we love in our work. We don’t just get to tell stories, we spend hours reflecting on God’s faithfulness. It’s as much for our video subjects as it is for the viewers. We all need the same prompting to reflect and thank God for His work.

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