A Middle Eastern Church Moves Online

We have probably shared with you before the impact media ministries are having throughout the Muslim-majority countries. Because of the difficulty and danger involved in sharing the gospel in closed countries, these ministries have been a valuable tool in reaching people in their own homes. One of the biggest challenges these ministries face, however, is the connection from interested viewer to local church. It is both dangerous and generally complex to connect someone who has replied to a video with a church family that can actually help them learn more and grow in their faith.

Now, as more countries set strict laws about groups and meetings due to COVID 19, the church communities in the Arab world are, like all of us, doing their best to move to online platforms that will still allow them to encourage and teach their small congregation. One church in muslim-majority location made the decision to start posting their sermons and other weekly content to Youtube and Facebook in the hopes of keeping up with their twenty regular attendees. After only a few days, God has used those videos to reach hundreds of people in that location and throughout the Mediterranean region.

With the more direct contact with the church, viewers are immediately connected with the local pastors, and people are being welcomed into their local church community even while they can’t meet. 

This story was pulled from the Converge website and edited. Read the full story here.

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