What Are Albanian Moms Up To?

If you’re anything like us, that question has probably never crossed your mind. For Nita Bukowski, it’s been a major focus during this pandemic. Nita recently shared this update:

I work primarily with MOPS Albania, led by Albanian moms who are the first generation of moms to raise their children completely free from communist influence. These are amazing, strong and beautiful women who are trying to create a safe place for other Albanian moms to experience the love of God. I am an advocate, a mentor and, in many ways, a mother to them. They look up to me because there is no previous generation of faith; they are on the front lines forging a beautiful trail for others to follow. It’s messy and hard but well worth it.

[During this time of social distancing,] MOPS leaders are posting ideas on Facebook with activities or crafts that moms can do with their children that don’t require anything special. The message to them, ‘You’ve got this, mom!’ ‘We’re here to help you win!’ 

A personal message sent on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp helps keep them from feeling alone or forgotten. They may not have the words to share their deepest feelings with me because of their fears, but they can receive care. They can feel seen. We have and are still fighting to find ways to show care. It could be leaving a surprise plate of cookies or just reaching out by phone or text to ask, ‘How are you? How can I pray for you?’

Every little act of love matters because with those acts, we are saying, ‘You matter!’ That feeling — that they matter — is not something that they are accustomed to, and that’s when God’s love becomes a real thing.

This story was originally shared by Nita, written and edited by Michael Smith on the Converge communications team. We have edited it for our website. Read Nita’s full story on the Converge website here.

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