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A Look Back on the Summer

August 2022 – From Heather –  We want to share some of the highlights of this summer, and we’re getting settled into our new apartment!

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Expectation versus Reality

April 2022 From Heather –  What an odd start of the year it’s been. You know those expectation versus reality memes you see all over? I think that’s how the past few months have felt here.  We expected to complete 3-4 projects about exciting ministries in Poland and Czech and spend time encourage a cultureContinue reading “Expectation versus Reality”

Entering 2022 with a bang!

Ministry Update – January 2022 From Heather – Throughout the month of December, we’d been going through an advent study focused on the joy of the birth of Christ. It was especially important for us this year to focus our joy on the One who humbled himself. While we’re far from family, our old traditionsContinue reading “Entering 2022 with a bang!”

Ministry Update – December 2021

Another very busy month has gone by, and after spending the entirety of it in Poznań, we’re starting to feel more at home here. Small groups, language school, and a very festive holiday season have begun! Holidays in Poznań Święty Marcin  – Saint Martin’s Day Polish Independence Day is on November 11th. In Poland, nationalismContinue reading “Ministry Update – December 2021”


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